When a task is engaging, it can offer so much insight and even entertainment. Today, I crawled like an infant… and it was miserable.

I’m glad that as Homo sapiens, we learn quite young that sometimes less is more and two legs are better than four. I tried crawling like a baby for about 4 minutes and what a whole new world! Well- an old world, rather. This is what I had discovered.

First of all, crawling just isn’t that easy. Maybe it’s no longer effortless because my body is old and achy (at 23, go figure) and I would like to think that I’m accustomed to walking upright. I immediately felt the pressure of my body shifting to my palms and knees. I sat up several times to allay this discomfort and I wondered- “do babies sit up for this same reason?” My brain branched into different theories about infants’ still-pending patella formation and how knee cartilage may act as a little cushion- but I digress. So, now that my knees were thoroughly aching after 72 seconds, I tried setting up a goal to get from point A to point B in my living room.

Absolutely treacherous.

It takes quite a long time to reach your destination. The hands and knees definitely aren’t the JetBlue of infant mobility. Interestingly enough, babies pick up on this eventually and realize- “hey… it’s time to switch to first class.” Karen Adolph, professor at NYU and head of the university’s Infant Action Lab, published a fine study explaining how infants make the transition to walking to increase efficiency and insight. Check that out if possible.

Then came the point where I wanted something from the table. I pulled on my brother’s leg to get it for me- which at this point, my poor almost-college-freshman brother started wondering if this is what university would decimate him to. Vision was another obstacle. You can only see so much when your head is 7 to 11 inches above the ground and picking up your neck to look at the ceiling doesn’t happen so frequently. Those poor, chubby necks!


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