We face some of our biggest problems every single day and what we fail to frequently think about are their simple solutions. Here are some examples.

  1. Problem: Someone’s not at the front desk in the office and other researchers are in their private offices. How do you know if a participant is waiting?
    • Solution: Place a bell on the on the front desk.
  2. Problem: People often use bathroom tissue to open the bathroom door, but then throw it on the floor.
    • Solution: Put the garbage pale near the door. Schools actually started utilizing this system.
  3. Problem: Appointments must be canceled due to weather inclement.
    • Solution: Make sure all of those participants receive emails, calls, or texts notifying them of the appointment changes.
  4. Problem: Someone is off from work today, but something important comes up in the office that they can only access from that computer.
    • Solution: Download a remote desktop application for efficiency anywhere, anytime.
  5. Problem: Homework is due every Tuesday and you keep forgetting to do them.
    • Solution: Set a recurring reminder for every Sunday letting you know you’ve got 48 hours to complete your assignment.



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